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Ask for for our premium open bar, chef on board  and Champaign bottle services on board.

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You best choice in yachting experiences and yachting options to make your vacation in the Riviera Maya even more enjoyable and fulling.

Also, note that all of your boats are sanitized and disinfected, keeping to the guidelines of the Mexican secretary of health and more, to provide you with a safe. boat trip.

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    Are you looking for a day, sunset, party or weekend cruise on a caribbean yacht? How about celebrating any special occasion from a wedding, Bachelorette or Bachelor party, a birthday celebration, family or corporate outings, then look no further we have the perfect sailing experience for you. 

    A Yacht Charter Tour is the best option!

    Caribbean Dream Yacht can give you the best experience as you explore the pristine the sky-blue waters of the Caribbean. With our luxury yacht charter or catamaran, you can enjoy the breathtaking beautiful Caribbean seas fuses with broad areas of crystalline waters and idyllic paradise islands for a picture-perfect for your yachting experience. The Caribbean was labeled a world-renowned yacht charter destination because of its beautiful climate and panoramic coastlines. 

    Navigate the crystallines coastlines with our beautiful luxurious yacht and catamarans. You can rent or hire a boat at Caribbean Dream Yacht for your sailing adventure. We offer luxury yachts and catamaran for you to discover the most beautiful areas for snorkeling, swimming, diving, fishing, or cruising the tranquil, shallow, and crystalline waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

    Our sailors with the levels of expertise will get accommodating waterways that make for some of the most enjoyable sailing experiences.


    Who to Sail With


    In the Caribbean, there are many yacht-chartering options. It varies from individual owners, who will serve as captain and crew to take you around the islands.  Or sail with a yacht company rental like us that will surely fulfill your yachting adventures.

    When it comes to your yacht needs, we have the cheapest yachts to the most luxurious yacht. Our yacht has all the things you need for your convenience. From televisions, luxury cabins, spectacular sound systems, lovely kitchens, and extra gadgets to suit your needs.

    So if we don’t have the boat you are looking for, we can surely provide what you need.

    We look forward to hosting you on your yachting adventure soon!!


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    Luxury Yacht Experience, Sunset, Day Trip and more

    Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset? Sitting on a caribbean yacht with a glass of wine with your friends or loved ones while watching the golden orb of the sun falls beneath the horizon is a bliss. It’s an enchanting moment that we would like to embrace. So, enjoy the beautiful sunset after a great day of shopping, or you could have a yacht tour swimming in deep waters. 

    Luxury Bachelorette Party on a Playa del Carmen Yacht Rental 

    Girls want to have fun!!

    With Caribbean Dream Yacht, you will have the best yachting experience! If you are looking for a unique experience for your bachelorette party, think to rent a boat with your dearest friends and take your celebration out to the water. Sail on the open seas, whether just for the day or for overnight and have fun.  So, plan your best Bachelorette party and rent a luxury yacht or catamaran with us.

    Celebrating your Bachelorette party on a caribbean yacht is the best option. We always ensure that our crew can provide the best experience while enjoying the gorgeous landscapes.

    What are you waiting for? Book In Advance Now!

    Once you decide to have the party on a yacht, make sure to book with us in advance. To avoid unpleasant, non-availability circumstances and to have more time on planning. 

    Luxury Bachelor Party Yacht Rental

    Imagine traversing the Carribean from the sea,  and discover remote and incredible location onboard a luxurious yacht with a professional crew. So plan your bachelor party with us, we offer the best  VIP and customized services to meet all your specifications. Ensuring it is a genuinely unforgettable bachelor party experience.

    A bachelor party in Playa del Carmen is a fun way to have lots of fun with the boys. Activities will include snorkeling, fishing tour, catching a couple of great fish and one used for our fresh made ceviche on board? 

    With a vast range of yachting, vessels let us assist you in building your dream yachting experience.

    Luxury Scuba Diving on Yacht

    Explore the wonders of underwater and be amazed by the magnificent Caribbean marine life with the help of our luxury yacht. We will take you with the most reliable service possible, qualify scuba diving instructors and the best spots in Playa del Carmen to enjoy a dive.

    Rent your luxury snorkeling-yacht-rental with us and go for snorkeling to some of the popular scuba diving locations in Playa del Carmen are:

    Tortugas (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.), this is a famous diving point because you can swim side by side with the sea turtles.

    Cerebros (Max. Depth. 50 Ft.), a reef in the North of Playa del Carmen, which is famous for natural arches.

    Los Arcos (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.), are 2 arches, where there is an area with hard corals, sporges and fan corals, home of  turtles, stingrays, Morays and more.

    Pared Verde (Max. Depth. 100 Ft.), an amazing coral formation, and chance to see lobsters and sharks.

    Catamaran Yacht Rentals

    Carribean Dream Yacht Rentals also offers catamaran rental. We provide many catamarans sizes, for groups of 10 people, 15 people to larger groups. If you wanted to celebrate any event like a wedding or a conference, we could offer the best service. 

    Luxury Yacht Wedding

    We provide a unique floating experience for your wedding.

    Couples who love the sea may want to consider a boat wedding. A nautical-inspired wedding accommodates guests with a unique experience—and the opportunity to see the beautiful view from the deck.

    We can arrange a yacht wedding of your dreams if quoted and paid in time. Priest, invitations, florals, food, drinks, and flowers are already included. Having a Yacht wedding in the Riviera Maya is lovely.  We can offer you the best yacht for your wedding.

    What are you waiting for? Rent an excellent yacht for that special birthday that you are looking for, or that bachelor or bachelorette party you were dreaming about, or just partying with Caribbean style! 

    Not sure how to start? Send us your inquiry, and our customer service representative will get back to you.

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