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Book A Private Tour with Catamaran Private Tours

Book a private tour in Playa del Carmen means freedom, and it means that you are in charge of where your destination takes place, when you and with whom you wish to, that’s simple as that!

When you book a private Catamaran tour with us, you are the only ones on the boat, whether you’re family, a bunch of friends or with your loved ones. The catamaran cruise is an excellent choice for all your getaway and gets mind-blown by the incredible view of the sea and beauty of the landscape of Playa del Carmen to the last drop. To avoid crowds upon reaching your destination point, you can choose when to start your tour, and it is entirely possible with us.

Book A Private Tour with Catamaran Private Tours

A Private Catamaran Experience is the best option!

Who doesn’t enjoy the beautiful breeze of the sea and relax together with family, friends, or with your special someone sailing on a private catamaran exploring nature in the Carribean? With tons of festivities and recreation that you can experience in Catamaran Tour Playa Del Carmen. If you are planning for something new to experience renting a luxury catamaran with us is an excellent choice with your companions and take your celebration enjoying open seas day or night, such as Bachelorette, Bachelor, Vacation, Weddings, and many more. Anything that suits your liking is taken care of as we ensure your experience and give you a vacation like no other!

Catamaran Sailing Tour Highlights

Sail in the wind. 

Enjoy life on the ocean waves as you sail along the sparkling Caribbean water, which is truly a genuinely fantastic activity you can do here in Playa del Carmen together with our expert sailors and outstanding crews. We guarantee you the perfect experience to sail along with the most enchanting scenery and beautiful places that only here you can experience.

Open Bars and Cocktails. 

Relax and enjoy the nature and sea with our ultimate “all you can drink” open bars that we offer in our luxury Catamaran Tours. Drink and eat as you enjoy the mesmerizing view of sunsets and warm breeze, catering to you a unique nautical-inspired experience under the moon and stars at night with your family and colleagues.

Snorkelling Tours and Scuba Diving. 

Experience the best snorkelling tours by chartering a Catamaran Playa del Carmen tours. Explore incredible views and the landscapes underwater, especially the water adventure that can fill up your satisfaction as we provide the best service to your dive. Water activities are a must-try experience. Getting excited?. For further details with our service, please visit our website at Carribean Dream Yachts so that we can adequately assist you. 

Explore a secluded area.

Have the most beautiful adventure of sailing. Learn more about Playa del Carmen and its wonders, get along with your friends and family, and check out as you visit some private attractions and places here.

Parties and celebration. 

Are you looking for a place to host and organize a luxurious celebration in your taste or choice? Occasions and events like yacht weddings, bachelorette party or date on our catamaran rentals in Playa Del Carmen is a perfect choice of having an ideal and unforgettable event for a lifetime. 

Not sure how to start?

Come aboard with us, and we guarantee that your experience is genuinely tremendous and mind-blowing, and it’ll suit your liking. A luxurious getaway begins and ends with style. Create your dream experience and plan with us here in Playa del Carmen, you can settle it all on us with ease. Please leave your thoughts on our webpage and feel free to contact us for updates regarding our service and accommodation.