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Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew. You have finally chartered a yacht and boarded your boat for an anticipated cruise with family or friends. If you have sailed with the same group before, your chartered yacht crew is seemingly ready and waiting for some additional instructions.

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

It is recommended that you must do a full briefing for the safety of the crew and the boat. Here are the tips for you to organize a presentation with your crew for a safe, enjoyable catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen.

Boat Tour

The best way to brief your crew is to have a tour in the charter boat when the charter company briefer will give you after you board. It is essential to point out the parts or area that could be dangerous or for authorized personnel only.

Rules onboard

When you charter a yacht or boat in Playa Del Carmen it is best to brief your crew about the rules and regulations on the boat like:

  • Etiquette on using the bathrooms in the yacht is quite different than at home.
    • Your crew should know how to use the bathroom properly. A small thing like using too much toilet paper can despoil the cruise.
    • Explain to each crewmember how the shower drain works.
    • Demonstrate how to close the seacocks and emphasize the importance of doing so before leaving the anchorage.
  • It should also emphasize that the water supply is limited. Each person must know and understand how to use it wisely like:
    • Take quick showers.
    • Do not allow the water to run while brushing your teeth.
    • When washing the dishes, use a basin to save water.
  • Elaborate also the proper use of electricity onboard.
    • Please turn off the lights and appliances when they are not in use.


  • The Caribbean sun can be harsh in the skin where the constant cooling Trade Winds keep you from recognizing the extent of your sun exposure until it is too late. Ensure that your guest brings sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, aloe gel and a hat. Also, it is recommended to wear a lightweight long-sleeve shirt to enjoy extra-long visits in the sun without burning your skin.
  • The wind might get your skin chap and dry your eyes and lips. Bring with you some moisturizing products and lip balm to use before and after exposure to the wind. 

Safety Issues

Everyone on board must understand the underlying safety issue.

 Here are some essential details to explain to your crew:

  • Demonstrate how to close the hatches in the cabins and shut the sea cocks in the bathrooms before casting off. 
  • Teach them the basics of using the radio, such as the use of Channel 16 and transmitting and responding.
  • Let them know the location and how to use the fire extinguisher.
  • Advise your crew to avoid seasickness by sharing tips- like avoiding down below unless necessary, looking at the skyline, eating lightly, etc. Advice crew members to take any needed medications before setting sail.

 The key to a safe and enjoyable cruise  on a Yacht Rental in Playa Del Carmen is to do an orientation of the crew and guest before sailing.