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Romantic Date on A Yacht

No matter how many romantic dates you had – a romantic date on a Yacht is the most unforgettable date you will ever have! This event is sure to leave the love of your life mesmerized. The view of Playa del Carmen harbour and the city from the yacht is stunning.

So, if you want privacy, a date on the yacht is the most private experience you’ll have away from the busy and crowded shores of Playa Del Carmen

If you have any particular demand, don’t fret about it, we will ensure that we will prepare it for you. 

Here is a simple guide to help you plan it:

caribbean dream yachts


Make sure you have enough budget to spend since it will help you decide on the kind of yacht you will rent. The Carribean Dream Yachts has boats of all shapes and sizes so that you can plan for your romantic date.

If you are looking for an affordable boat, a beautiful catamaran is ideal for your romantic date. You can plan a sunset drink, dinner on the water, or a whole day coastal cruise around Playa.

Hour of the day

Once you decide your ideal boat, you have to determine the time of your date, so you will know how many hours you should book your yacht for either a couple of hours, half a day or the whole day.

But for romantic ambience, we recommend that you make sure to get the sunset.

You can check our Playa Del Carmen yacht rentals.


You know your loved one better than anyone, but here are some suggestions: choose what music to liven up the boat, what kind of drink to be served, and what type of flowers. Surprise them!

Is there any more romantic than being on a yacht with the love of your life?

For your Playa Del Carmen yacht rental needs from luxury yachts to sailboats and catamarans, no matter your budget or what activities you’d like to do, we can serve you make this date possible.