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Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht. A boat can be the perfect setting for a date night, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just want to spend a romantic evening on the water with your special someone.

Chartering a private catamaran in Playa del Carmen is the best option to make this romantic night a memorable one. The ambience, the menu, the music—this guide will help with all the preplanning for smooth sailing once you’ve departed the harbour.

 Are you ready to make a date on the one you love onboard? Make sure to follow these seven tips for planning.

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

How to Plan the Perfect Date Night On A Private Catamaran in Playa Del Carmen

  1. The Set-up

Chartering a private catamaran for your date is an opportunity where you can have privacy and peace away from the bustle of the city. If you rent a boat, then you’ll have the whole time to set up a perfect ambience for your date night.

See the beauty of Playa Del Carmen’s panoramic view while onboard and enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious savoury menu, hearing only the sounds of the sea along with your partner’s voice.

2. Menu

Nothing is as intimate as a candlelight dinner at the yacht with harmonious music in the background. Most private catamarans nowadays have sound systems that will loop into your device via Bluetooth, to play your playlist of romantic songs.

These songs are sure to put some motion in your ocean:  Power of Love by Celine Dion, How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Baby Love by the Supremes, Best of My Love by the Emotions and more.

3. Flowers

Incorporate flowers, symphonic music, and low lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about where to buy flowers.

Many florists nowadays can deliver the flowers of your preference right to the boat, so that when your special someone steps on board, she’ll be welcomed with fresh flowers. You can order flowers in advance and have them there waiting when you arrive.

4. Menu

They say that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Chartering a private catamaran will give you two options when it comes to your menu on your date night.

Some private catamaran comes with a chef as part of the crew. It means that you have a private chef to prepare a sumptuous menu for your date night. Or you can order from local restaurants and have it delivered in your private catamaran.

5.Quality Time

Perhaps, this could sound scary, ask your date for the night to put off the wifi but create an entire evening without the irresistible pull of an iPhone- another great way to enjoy the night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these date ideas on a private catamaran, and maybe gotten some ideas of your own. You can even mix and match these ideas to create a perfect date night to remember.

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