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Yach and Catamaran Tours

Our boats are ready to make your vacation amazingly memorable!

Transportation, snorkeling, sailing, snacks and an open bar are added in our tours. Come sail on one of our Caribbean dream yachts and catamarans, the most affordable and best sailing tour.

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Get onboard a yacht or catamaran and explore the beauty of the Caribbean Sea. Visit Isla Mujeres, snorkel, relax and enjoy the turquoise water.  Ask for more details.

Yacht Tours

yacht tour

Yacht rental in Playa del Carmen is another way to enjoy your vacation in this little paradise. We offer affordable rental yacht at Playa del Carmen and inclusive of food and drinks. If you love boating and snorkelling, then Playa Del Carmen is the perfect place. The Caribbean is an ideal place for you to go boating, whether for fishing, snorkelling, partying or unwinding. So you can not go wrong in renting a yacht in Playa del Carmen.


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Catamaran Tours

Catamaran Tour

Catamaran Tour is an excellent way to be out on the water. As the Catamarans drift across the ocean, it will give you a unique feel and lots of fresh air. Since Catamarans are not just your regular boat, they are not easily rocked by the waves and plow through the water. This is an excellent adventure as you sail over the turquoise Caribbean sea.

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wedding on yacht 3

The Caribbean is known as a yachting paradise. There is no better way to experience elegance and style on a luxury yacht. Also, there is no other destination in the world that can offer pristine white beaches, gorgeous islands, snorkeling in the Caribbean, which makes this place perfect for weddings. Do you love the ocean? Are you coming to the beautiful island of Playa Del Carmen? There is no better way to say “Yes, I do…” than on a luxury catamaran, your dream yacht while sailing the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea? Celebrate your big day on one of our luxurious boats. A sailing vessel is a unique venue for your wedding ceremony and party.

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VIP Services

If you are visiting Mexico for the first time and would like to see the beauty of the islands, then a Private Yacht Tour is an excellent package for families or groups of friends looking for a relaxing sailing holiday. We give you a suitable yacht, along with a knowledgeable crew for you to explore the islands.

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At Caribbean Dream Yacht, we believe that sailing should be enjoyable, comfortable, and worry-free, providing you to create memories with family and friends. You deserve to unwind and enjoy. We are experienced enough to cater to your needs during your tours, and we always do our best to make it unforgettable. Experience the turquoise waters of the Caribbean allow us to give you our best service. Whether you are alone or with a group, we will offer you the best boats for your needs.

Private Yachts

Private Yachts

Private Catamarans

Private Catamarans

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