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    We also have Yachts available in the Cancun Hotel Zone

    Sun Bathing on a Yacht

    47ft sea ray yacht for 1399 usd for 4 hours for up to 15 people and 29 usd per extra guest and up to 23 people max

    Our 42ft sea ray yacht for 1100 usd for 4 hours for up to 15 people and 89 usd per extra guest and up to 20 people max

    58ft big yacht for 1430 usd for 4 hours for up to 15 people and 49 usd per extra guest and up to 48 people max

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    51ft sea ray yacht for 1399 usd for 4 hours for up to 15 people and 29 usd per extra guest and up to 28 people max

    Our 72ft sea ray yacht for 1770 usd for 4 hours for up to 15 people and 49 usd per extra guest and up to 80 people max

    37ft small yacht for 900 usd for 4 hours for up to 5 people a

    Private Luxury Yacht: Have the time of your life on our private yacht charter.

    Enjoy a  truly world-class cruising yacht located in Playa del Carmen. Impress your loved ones and create beautiful memories for that special occasion.   Experience a magnificent yacht touring the most lovely places along the Riviera Maya coast plus enjoy delectable food and refreshing drinks onboard. We offer luxury charter yacht tours to spectacular spots with excellent customer service.   Our luxurious yacht is fully crewed and available for any occasion, such as weddings, bachelorette/ bachelor, corporate events, and family outings.   Are you excited? Entertainment awaits in this luxurious private tour! Plan your itinerary now and enjoy the best time in the sun, swimming, snorkeling, or even diving.  We know your tour is not perfect without our tasty snacks and open bar. The boat is yours as you wish, so brace yourself for an unforgettable tour!

    VIP Yacht and Boat Experience

    We ensure that we work with the best people to get you the best prices and service. We have tours that suit all budgets for real VIP treatment. No hassle, no hidden fees, guaranteed.   Our yachts have air-conditioned interiors, and there are rooms for kids to sleep or nap.  You will spend a day like no other on your private boat due to the fantastic snorkeling and merely being able to hang out in the beautiful Caribbean with your loved ones.    Also, a yacht rental is a great venue to host a party, so they make great options for boat rentals, our yacht comes with towels, an underwater camera, snorkel, and fishing gear.



    Playa del Carmen is a bustling beach town that possesses the most magnificent snorkel and diving sites.  It also includes beautiful coastal hideaways, underground rivers & caves, and stunning white-sand beaches.  Indeed Playa del Carmen is a perfect cruising destination to add to your Riviera Maya yacht charter itinerary.   There is so much to explore in this tropical paradise of the Caribbean Sea during your yacht charters’ Playa del Carmen excursion. We offer private luxury yacht charters to help you soak up the glittering beauty of this beautiful place and enjoy your vacation in Playa at a relaxed pace.

    Yacht Charters

    To find more details about our private yacht charters and Playa del Carmen boat rentals, browse our page to select your perfect yacht and package. For inquiries, feel free to contact us. We will be glad to suggest the most suitable yachts for your Playa Del Carmen vacation!   What are you waiting for? Contact us today to turn your dream vacation into a reality, and book your private yacht rental Playa del Carmen excursion today!   It is essential to be aware of the fact that you will never miss finding that luxurious yacht in Playa del Carmen if you are looking to a more comfortable high-end service then check out our packages of luxury yacht packages available here.   Enjoy the freedom to explore, swim, and snorkel the waters with our private yacht rentals.



    Luxury vacation luxurious yacht

    General Yacht PackageCaribbean Dream Yacht - Collage Yacht

    Avail our General Yacht package with these inclusions.   1849 usd total for up to 15 people and 150 usd extra for each extra person from 16-20


    • transportation round trip
    • food and all you can drink
    • 5 hr tour
    • 2 bottles of no brand champagne
    • snorkeling
    • sport fishing an option (let us know to have bait onboard)

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    Silver Yacht Package

    Avail our Silver Yacht package with these inclusions. 2249 usd total for up to 15 people


    • Transportation round trip
    • food and all you can drink
    • 6 hr tour (including being in front of mamitas)
    • snorkeling
    • sport fishing an option (let us know to have bait onboard)
    • 2 bottles of Moet champagne

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    Gold Yacht Package

    Avail our Gold Yacht package with these inclusions.   4800 usd total  for up to 10 people


    • luxury round trip transportation
    • food and all you can drink on premium alcohol of your choice
    • 0pen bar with don julio tequila, grey goose vodka, black label whiskey, Bacardi solera, wine, beer
    • 5 bottles of veuve clicquot or moet and chandon champagne.

    For lunch/dinner you may choose between the following menus: – Japanese with surf & turf delight – Fine Italian Cuisine – The American & International classic – Fine Mexican Cuisine

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    Most of our yachts and boats are in the Playa del Carmen area and Puerto Aventura but for the Cancun area, with different providers of yacht rentals who also provide amazing yachting experiences there in Playa del Carmen and Cancun.


    WHY CHOOSE US  Our Yacht Rentals?

    We love what we do, and for that reason, we want to make sure you have the most fantastic experience possible. Our qualified team is going to plan your next tour having only one objective, and this is to ensure that it is a private and exciting as possible. We are always in search of ways to make your charter experience more thrilling. 


    The luxury yachts we provide for charter are well crewed and provide the best in luxury for the tour of a lifetime.  Are you ready for an exciting Private Boat Adventure? Picture yourself on the deck of a yacht, enjoying a tour or a boat party by getting a Playa Del Carmen yacht tour with a blasting sun, thirst-quenching drinks, gourmet food with your friends or family.


    Now let’s turn this dream into reality! Book your private LUXURY YACHT RENTAL IN PLAYA DEL CARMEN or group day tour today.