Wedding on a Yacht or Catamaran


Yacht and Catamaran Weddings- Sail To New Horizons

A catamaran looks like the perfect option for a Caribbean  wedding

Playa Del Carmen Wedding

Guess why?

Catamarans have a full deck, and they are ideal for maneuvering through the coral reefs and cays of the Caribbean Sea.

We help you to plan a beautiful destination wedding in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya.

The Caribbean is known as a yachting paradise. There is no better way to experience elegance and style on a luxury dream yacht in Caribbean. Also, there is no other destination in the world that can offer pristine white beaches, gorgeous islands, snorkelling in the Caribbean, which makes this place perfect for weddings.


Do you love the ocean? Are you coming to the beautiful island of Playa Del Carmen? There is no better way to say “Yes, I do…” than on a luxury catamaran, your dream yacht while sailing the tranquil turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea?  Celebrate your big day on one of our luxurious boats. A sailing vessel is a unique venue for your wedding ceremony and party. 



We have several catamarans and yachts to charter that are all available for your dream wedding. We take pride in making your yacht rental charter experience in Playa del Carmen Wedding. Our yachts boat charter range immensely in size, style, and function. We aim to make every crewed yacht event uniquely unforgettable, covering all the details of your dream wedding yacht experience. Celebrating your wedding in our yacht is a 5-Star Service. Our certified and licensed captains strive to reach your destination while our crew provides your every need during your playa del carmen yacht tours. We provide satisfaction in surpassing every clients’ expectations and look forward to helping you plan your dream wedding with us.



Weddings Playa del Carmen on a Yacht

Weddings at Playa del Carmen on the water may be the most intimate and romantic experience you would have. Also, we know that your wedding is an exceptional day for you. That’s why our team strives to ensure that you will have the perfect event for you and your guests.




We love special events and ensure that everyone will have a fabulous time.

If you are planning to get married in the Mexican Caribbean, we are your best choice! We have several locations to carry out your wedding plus time onboard a catamaran sailing through the stunning and blue Caribbean Sea. If you already have plans for your wedding, you can also enjoy a day out sailing with your guests! Contact us and let us offer you the best options for your dream wedding.

Tulum Weddings

Tulum is one of the most famous destinations to get married in Mexico. Enjoy the fantastic views of Tulum from a boat as your wedding takes place and unique and different ways to get married that you both will never forget. Say YES I do as you overlook the Mayan pyramids from the waters of the Riviera Maya. A surprising way of celebrating your wedding.


Puerto Aventuras Weddings on a yacht

The Puerto Aventuras is another perfect wedding destination. Puerto Aventuras is considered a family-friendly gated marina community. The Puerto Aventuras is known as a little marina town, with excellent water activities, and a big friendly expat community. The village is host to some magnificent private wedding villas, of course, you can have it too in a private catamaran Playa Del Carmen charters or yachts.


Playa del Carmen Weddings

Playa del Carmen is another beautiful destination wedding event location. Not only is it a beautiful location, but the town has many restaurants, shopping, and great nightlife.


Cancun Weddings

Traditional and lovely the Mexican Caribbean has been a fantastic destination for tropical weddings for years. The number of fabulous hotels, beach clubs, and other venues is astounding. Our Catamarans and yachts have a fantastic selection of boat charters out of Cancun that can cater wedding groups in that area and Isla Mujeres.


Astounding photographs added to albums!

Choosing chartering yachts in the Caribbean as your wedding venue offers the perk of enormous scope for wedding photography!

Can you imagine your living room walls housing a beautiful collage of your wedding photos? Both of you were exchanging rings against a tranquil blue sky with calm turquoise water! Or, a beautiful sunset can be an excellent background for the couple taking their marital vows. Is there a scene more amazing?

What are you waiting for? Start browsing for Playa Del Carmen yacht rentals for your wedding before we run out of the best on your wedding date!



Our boats are the perfect venue for the wedding. Crewed yachts typically cost no more than a cruise on a ship or an exclusive hotel; where you can have the ultimate privacy with control and freedom. You and your guest will be the only company aboard the luxury boat charter. Make your wedding unforgettable by dining with or entertaining your guests while cruising in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, or having exhilarating fun!


Spacious boats of ours can cater to small and big groups for up to 150 people for dinner and dancing.

Just give us a heads up if you wanted the boat to anchor in a tranquil bay, and your marriage ceremony will begin. You can provide us with your playlist as a perfect accompaniment to the lapping of waves against the cast.

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to wedding venues. If you are looking for a unique and special setting, then a wedding on a Yacht is typically a venue that is not traditional.

We know you’ve probably attended many weddings in hotels, beaches, golf courses or banquet rooms. For sure they were all special, but a wedding ceremony on a yacht or catamaran is an unforgettable experience for everyone. Your photos will be priceless memories you will treasure for years to come.

No one ever regrets getting married on an elegant catamaran. Rest assured your bridal parties and guests will be pleased with your choice of booking a Playa Del Carmen yacht tours or Playa Del Carmen Yacht rentals for your wedding.




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Enjoy your Playa Del Carmen Wedding aboard our yachts and catamarans. The best experience for celebration.

Tulum wedding

Enjoy the amazing views of Tulum from a boat as your wedding takes place and unique and different ways to get merry that you both will never forget. Say YES I do as you overlook the Mayan pyramids from the waters of the Riviera Maya. A stonishing way of celebrating your wedding