Fishing in Playa Del Carmen

Fishing in Playa Del Carmen is bounteous and world-class for deep sea fishing, reef fishing, flats fishing and fly fishing.

The area is labelled as a tourist haven for more reasons. Playa Del Carmen offers more aside from the Mayan ruins and phenomenal scuba diving.  If you are anglers and divers, a trip to this former fishing village is incomplete except you spend a day on the water, and there are plenty of Cancun fishing charters here to help. Let’s find out why it was labelled as one of the best sport fisheries in the world?

Playa del Carmen is located just opposite of the Cozumel island. But what makes it so unique is what Cozumel does to the local waterways. It efficiently channels offshore migratory routes of Caribbean marine life right past the little town. For years it created a steep valley very close to the coastline, making deepwater accessible in boat ride of the dock in just 5 minutes, which makes deep-sea fishing in Riviera Maya some of the most accessible in the world.

Since Playa del Carmen is located right by the Great Mayan Reef, it became the second-largest reef system in the world. Also, a great fishing spot to haunt a rich collection of marine life.

Here’s A Proper Guide on Fishing Activities in Playa Del Carmen

Fishing is considered to be one of the most fun and popular activities in the city of the Caribbean, Playa Del Carmen. If you love spending most of your time on the beach and are bored of the usual fishing style that you have been doing with your friends, then find out new and upcoming events of the Playa Del Carmen fishing activities.
To catch up with the fishing seasons and take part in the fishing tournaments, you must be present on the beachside of Playa Del Carmen where all of this takes place. For these exciting activities, we have placed exclusive sport fishing charters and yachts that can be booked accordingly. These boats and yachts are sailed to the most populated parts of the sea where you will find a school of fish that you may have never even heard of or seen before.

What Kinds Of Boats Or Yachts Can I Book For Fishing?

We have many types of boats and Playa Del Carmen yacht tours or catamarans yacht Playa Del Carmen available for sports fishing that holds a different number of people, and it charges accordingly:

  • Azimut 51′ ($300/Hour) 
  • Sea Ray 42′ ($250/Hour)
  • Chris Craft Crown 34′ (163/Hour)
  • Bertram 35′ ($138/Hour)
  • Bertram 33′ ($163/Hour)
  • Small Boat 16′ ($110/Hour)
  • 36’ PDQ Catamaran
  • 37’ Four Winns Vista Yacht
  • 42’ Azimut 42 Yacht
  • 44’ Lagoon Catamaran
  • 80’ Burger Motor Yacht
  • 46.5’ Finatik
  • 34’ Intimidator
  • 38’ Manetto

You will find varying sizes of cabins according to the sizes of the boats or yachts with bathroom and fully equipped kitchens and charcoal equipment.  There is also a charging station for your electronic devices and much more.

Caribbean Dream Yacht - Fishing Cancun

Fish types in Playa del Carmen

What Type Of Fishes Will do I find In The Area?

In the sea of Playa Del Carmen, you will find such types of fish in the area where the yachts and boats will be sailed. Generally, in Cancun and the nearby areas, you will find the following fishes:

  • White Marlin
  • Blue Marlin
  • Golden
  • Tuna
  • Bonito
  • Peto
  • Wahoo
  • Sierra
  • Barracuda
  • Grouper
  • Rainbow
  • Swordfish (deep)
  • Horse Mackerel
  • African Pampano
  • Sailfish
  • Mahi-Mahi (golden)

However, not all these fish would be available to get all year round. You may find some in between the months of January-August and some all year round.

Fly Fishing and Reef Fishing In Playa Del Carmen:

Fly Fishing and Reef Fishing In Playa Del Carmen

Ihna Reef

Fly Fishing and Reef Fishing In Playa Del Carmen

Fly fishing and reef fishing are also other forms of famous activities found in the Playa Del Carmen boat rentals and fishing. There are certain areas in the seas of Playa Del Carmen where you find fly fishing spots. The area of for finding these is the saltwater lagoons where you will find barracuda, bonefish, tarpon, permit and jack breeds. As for reef fishing, you will find them in the deeper areas of the seas.

Will I Be Provided With Guidance On Fishing?

You will find many local children who may seem like they know nothing, but in reality, they are masters in sports fishing. They will guide you thoroughly and help in fetching out the best fishes of the Playa Del Carmen Sea. Book your fish- fetching with us before it’s too late.

The best Playa del Carmen Fishing Seasons

Did you know that Playa del Carmen is a popular holiday destination in Mexico? It is because Riviera Maya is vibrant and the popular Yucatan Peninsula area.  Playa del Carmen is famous for its breathtaking beaches in Riviera Maya.

Undoubtedly, tourists will surely enjoy spending a morning or afternoon on some of these pristine sandy beaches by the sky-blue sea or to have a beach party at night. But did you know that Riviera Maya is the best place for a fishing adventure too?

When it comes to the fishing calendar,  you should know there are specific fish that you can catch during seasons and when to get a Playa del Carmen boat rental . These fish include wahoo, barracuda, and kingfish. 

April, May, June, and July is the ideal fishing period for Blue Marlin and White Marlin and rare between August and February. When it comes to winter months, amberjack is abundant than in summer. Bonito is also ubiquitous in October, November, and December.

By understanding more about the fishing calendar, you will know what to expect from your Riviera Maya fishing.