What You’ll Get with Our Tulum Party Boat Rental

What You’ll Get with Our Tulum Party Boat Rentals

Celebrate in Style with Our Party Boat Rentals

What You’ll Get with Our Party Boat Rentals. When it comes to throwing a party, you have to go big! With trendy nightclubs and spots all around town, it’s hard to compete when trying hard to find a perfect place for your most awaited party. If you can’t find a place to throw your party, take it to the sea and consider yacht rental in Playa del Carmen this holiday season. Level up your party with a Boat Rental in Playa del Carmen, and Caribbean Dream Yachts will help you plan the ultimate event.

What You’ll Get with Our Boat Rental Party

Party Boats

Party boats are an excellent choice for a wide variety of events. Boat or yacht rental in Playa del Carmen can be the right choice for you to hold parties, ceremonies, family or group vacations, and other occasions. You can rent our boats at any length of time you need. They come in all lengths and sizes. The Caribbean Dream Yachts can also help you plan out your high seas shindig and give you the best party in Playa del Carmen!

Have Fun with Our Ultimate Yacht Rentals

So, what makes Caribbean Dream Yachts the ultimate site for your next boat rental party? We stand out with a combination of our luxury yachts rentals, amenities, premium destinations, activities, and onboard options. Yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen offer a lot of benefits just by throwing your parties and spending special occasions on a yacht or boat. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation party, or even a bachelor/bachelorette party, we can help you make it a spectacular event. As long as you’ve planned it well, especially the activities you will be enjoying while having your event or party, great experiences will be there for you! 

Although sailing can be pricier than another type of activity, it can be worth it. It sets you apart from the busy world, and we can say it is more private than the other vacation styles. Playa del Carmen’s yacht rentals also provide a great escape when you are traveling to the sunshine state. The experience can be tailored to your enjoyment, and with us, you don’t have to break a bank to take advantage of the opportunities a party yacht excursion provides.

Wishing You A Wonderful Weekend!

Setting sail with Caribbean Dream Yacht is a unique and distinctive way to celebrate the holidays. Reach us today to reserve your date and let our experienced staff help you plan a festive holiday party. For more information on yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen, give us a call or visit us at our location. We will be happy to help you plan for the most-awaited holiday party of the year!


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Your Yacht Charter Checklist

Are you planning to have a vacation cruise with your family or friends  on a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen? Then going through a detailed checklist for your chartered yacht is probably not the priority of your vacation plans. But to ensure a delightful bareboat charter, it is a requirement. 

Use this checklist to guarantee that all equipment onboard is working correctly and to ensure that the crew members understand how each system works.

Your Yacht Charter Checklist

 Food & Provisioning

  • Ensure that the food or supplies you ordered from the charter company, or grocery is sufficient and in good condition.
  • Ensure that you have everything you need the basics like toiletries, condiments, etc.
  • Store the food properly to avoid spoilage. It is advisable to put the most perishable items near the cooling plate and do not put the fruits and vegetables next to the cold plate.

 Chilling or Refrigeration

Make sure that your Playa Del Carmen boat rental company in will operate the boat’s systems before on boarding to ensure that the freezer is working properly and it is ready for food storage.

 Water Supply

  • Check if the water tanks are full. Though it is the responsibility of the charter company, mistakes happen. 
  • Check if each faucet is working, including the deck shower.

Test the Anchor

  • Examine the windlass by taking the anchor up and down several times

Ask for a Boat Tour from Charter Company 

To enjoy smooth sailing, you must be knowledgeable about the options for Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rentals. Pay attention and ask questions and take notes.


  • Monitor the weather forecast and the forecasted course for the remainder of your trip. You can check online for sailors for weather resources in various regions.
  • Do not forget to take note of the radio frequencies to check the daily weather.


Before leaving the dock, ensure it is properly inflated and that you have an air pump on the boat. Double-check if the gasoline is enough. The following should be placed in the dinghy:

  • Full Fuel tank
  • Wrist set
  • Bailing bucket
  • Paddles / Oars:
  • Wrist/disconnect attachment set.
  • Long painter
  • Cable with lock
  • Small dinghy anchor.


  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Spray lubricant like WD-40
  • Boathook
  • Dock lines
  • Cruising guides for your sailing plan
  • Floatation devise for each crewmember including children
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Documents and licences.

Make sure to follow the checklist to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable sailing adventure. Take your time to assure you understand each item. 

Booking your yacht charter in Playa Del Carmen with Caribbean Dream Yacht is simple. We assure you will have an enjoyable sailing experience with us.

When choosing your partner in your yacht charter holiday, you must look into the values of your provider. Look for a company that has built a reputation, honesty, transparency, and quality.


Make The Most Out Of Your Yacht Bachelorette Party!

Make The Most Out Of Your Yacht Bachelorette Party!

One last fling before the ring!

Make The Most Out Of Your Yacht Bachelorette Party! Need help upon making the last splash with friends memorable? Throwing out a remarkable bachelorette party isn’t that easy. There are a lot of preparations to be considered that can bring quite a pressure on you. But don’t worry, we are here to give you an incredible experience before saying, “I Do.”

Make it an unforgettable celebration.

Start planning to have a unique way of spending your day with your dearest friends through renting a yacht and enjoy fun in the sun. You can have fun and relax on a sun-drenched day with them. You can consider chartering in Playa del Carmen yacht rental. Packed with our incredible services, we took care of everything and will accompany your choices.

 The glamorous views of the sky-blue waters of the Carribean while enjoying the experience sailing would be a perfect place to light up the party as we want you to experience a life-changing dream celebration you ever wanted. We can help you settle and plan what’s best for you together with the guests joining you. It is also great to consult your guests on what suits their interest in a party. Ensure you have enough budget to secure the best accommodations offered. Having the right budget will align your plans perfectly and fit for your expenses. All of this is about unwinding and the perfect recreation in a bachelorette party on a yacht.

Make The Most Out Of Your Yacht Bachelorette Party!

Create Fun Stuff on Your Bachelorette Party

 Tell us about your wishes and we will work on your preferred theme. Organize activities, and make your dream celebration come true by having your bachelorette party onboard here at Playa del Carmen. 


  • Assemble the squad 


Figure out who will attend, and because it is a bachelorette party on a yacht, it means that it will only consist of the bride’s closest friends or relatives. 


  • All-out decoration for the theme chosen


Once you’re done booking yacht at Playa del Carmen, since it’s your last sail before the veil, make it worthwhile. 


  • Coordinate Outfits


The party should be fun by designing your concept of outfits to be worn, printing your shirts, or having a nautical outfit.


  • Parting gifts


  Photo Ops, tokens, kinds of stuff, and other festivities to share so everyone can enjoy the fun, and it is nice to part off with items. 


  • Pack Games & Activities


Prepare fun and relaxation entirely for the bride together with friends to pamper themselves as they’re relaxing in the views of the salty breeze.

Are you getting excited about your bachelorette getaway on a private catamaran playa del carmen? Don’t let this moment of yours get wasted. Make your celebration memorable and enjoy the water in Playa del Carmen. Please let us know and assist you with all the details and questions you had for us. For further information, please share your thoughts on us here at Carribean Dream Yachts