Guide To Catamaran Vacations

Catamaran Vacations Playa del Carmen

Nothing is even more amazing in a paradise-like sailing on a catamaran atop the sky-blue blue Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen.  Here’s The Guide To Catamaran Vacations

While slowly gliding across the gleaming Caribbean waters under.  Sailing is one of the genuinely great activities you can do in the Caribbean area.

Where you can sail along miles of the pristine white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya on your way to snorkel on colorful coral reefs, which is surrounded by abundant marine life.

Also, you can go for snorkeling, watch the sunset, swim with sea turtles, have a beach party, or charter your catamarans Yacht in Playa Del Carmen just for your group. 

Private catamaran tour Playa Del Carmen is excellent for a family excursion, with your friends, or with your loved one. 

Types of catamaran charters for your catamaran vacations

  • Crewed catamaran charter: The most luxurious option for a catamaran cruise is a fully crewed Playa Del Carmen catamaran tour charter.
  • You can have your private yacht with a captain and crew where you can enjoy it.
  • Skippered catamaran charter: If you have sailing experience but don’t want the burden of navigating in unknown waters, you can charter a catamaran with a captain only.
  • A licensed captain will take the wheel, or show you how to do it. 
  • Bareboat catamaran charter: A bareboat charter means it’s just you on board! You’re responsible for everything from navigation, sailing, provisioning, and planning. 
  • By the cabin catamaran charter: If you don’t know how to sail, or if you don’t have the means to charter a yacht, you can reserve a cabin on a catamaran cruise.

Catamaran Tour Tips

If you are planning for a catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen, here are some useful tips to have a memorable holiday.

Pack light. Pack comfortable clothes, swimwear, and a good pair of boat shoes.  A soft-sided bag is more convenient to stow than a hard suitcase.

Don’t forget the essentials. Pack the essential things: prescriptions, toiletries, and sun protection.

Bring sunscreen. The tropical sun will be scorching hot, so don’t forget to pack a hat with a cord so that it won’t blow overboard, sunglasses with straps, biodegradable sunscreen, and coverups.

Imagine everything will get wet. A catamaran is not the place for your luxurious bag.

Don’t bring shoes, clothes, or anything else that would be ruined by saltwater. Put your relevant documents and electronics in waterproof cases or plastic bags.

Get travel insurance before you go. Make sure you have travel insurance before you go for a sailing vacation. Look for a plan that protects your vacation investment with trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, as well as emergency medical benefits.