Organized Your Corporate Party in Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals

Organized Your Corporate Party in Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals

Organized Your Corporate Party. Playa del Carmen offers you a picturesque view and crystalline water which you can put a new signature for a corporate yacht party. Skip the tiki torches and surfboard motif. We know that you travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to get together for a multi-day corporate event on the coast, entertaining a signature event on the beach is almost a predictable conclusion. It gives one of the best ways to have an enjoyable time in an oceanfront resort.

Organized Your Corporate Party in Playa del Carmen Yacht Rentals

But if you are looking for a more adventurous corporate event- plan an engaging corporate event in a yacht. Our range of yacht rentals is an excellent choice for your corporate events. Boat or yacht rental in Playa del Carmen can be an excellent choice for you to hold your corporate party. You can rent our boats at any length of time you need. Caribbean Dream Yachts can also help you organize your high seas party and give you the best corporate party in Playa del Carmen!

If you are an organizer of the corporate party, here are some favourite ideas and techniques to shaking up a yacht event –in Playa del Carmen

  1. As soon as your guests are aboard, offer great cocktails for them to enjoy the yacht ambience. You can find a catering service that is at the top end of innovative, high-quality drinks services for your yacht party.
  2. Don’t forget the music. Setting an extremely classy and sophisticated music backdrop for your corporate yacht party will give the guests a genuinely refreshing experience or you can hire a professional DJ to spice up the party.
  3. Water Games. Entertainment does not end only in the deck. You are, after all, sailing on a vast expanse of water, so why not have your team blown away by some water games. The Caribbean Dream Yacht offers some water-based games for a yacht rental-day for the whole team to enjoy.

Hoping You An Enjoyable Corporate Yacht Party!

Setting sail with a Caribbean Dream Yacht is a unique and distinctive way to celebrate corporate events. Contact us today to reserve your date and let our experienced staff help you plan the best corporate yacht party. For more information on yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen, give us a call or email us. We will be happy to help you organize a memorable corporate yacht party.



Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter

Are you planning to go on a boat rental holiday in the Caribbean? Is it your first time? No frets, we gathered the essential aspects of planning a yacht charter trip. Ensure that you do it the right way so that nothing can go wrong.

Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter

Essential viewpoints of planning a yacht charter

  • If you are planning for a sailing holiday, deciding the right people for your journey is vital. A charter holiday in the Caribbean is something extraordinary that you wanted to go as smoothly as possible. So, it is recommended to get the right crew to help you with your sailing adventure. 
  • Plan your routes in the Caribbean before the holiday and get the details of the yacht rental.
  • When you are planning to rent a boat, it is essential to discuss all the individual bents and to agree on a budget that fits everyone. 
  • After you have discussed, the budget to choose the right boat type according to the cruising area is essential too.
  • Create a list of your activities onboard and onshore.
  • Delegate the tasks so everyone would enjoy the sailing adventure.
  • If you don’t know how to steer the yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen yourself, hire a professional skipper to steer the yacht. The benefit of having a professional skipper on board is that they have a lot of local knowledge and can plan all the routes. 

Choosing the right yacht for you

  • Choosing the right choice of the charter yacht. It is vital to take into consideration your comfort, level of sailing skills, preferred charter area, local weather, as well as the budget. If you prefer a bigger space on deck as well as the interior, then a catamaran may be ideal for you. 
  • If you are an experienced sailor, mono hulls may be the only choice. But if you are not a skilled one, the catamaran is a preferred option with its easy maneuverability due to the two motors.

Yacht charter insurance

  • It would be best if you always secured insurances for the yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen– like deposit and the skipper liability insurance and advisable among-st friends or couples. 

Charter season and the sailing weather at the destination

In order not to spoil the enjoyment of the boat rental might as well check first the charter season and the sailing weather condition in the Caribbean.

We assume that we help you plan your boating holiday a little easier for you.

To get the best charter offer for your preferred destination, no matter your budget or what activities you’d like to do, we can serve you to make this date possible.