How to Plan a Successful Yacht Party

Are you planning a successful catamaran yacht party with your friends? 

There’s nothing like a summer on How To Plan A Successful Yacht Party. With beautiful sunset views, great music, and a warm, salty breeze.

But hosting a catamaran party in a private catamaran in Playa Del Carmen is pretty daunting for the average landlubber. Well, these tips make planning surprisingly easy.

yacht partyImagine that you are in the middle of the sea with your friends on a private catamaran Playa Del Carmen experiencing unlimited fun.

Planning a party on a catamaran is sometimes easier than done. Being a host, you are responsible for managing everything, and ensure that there are any loopholes left. It would be best if you also drafted a contingency plan in case of any unfortunate event. 

With Caribbean Dream Yachts, you can plan any event and give an excellent experience to your guests that it will forever remain in the memories of your friends and relatives.

There are so many things to consider while throwing a private catamaran successful yacht party.


With the number of catamaran tours in Playa Del Carmen, there’s no doubt you can find the right one that meets your requirements. Before choosing the Catamaran, gather all the information about the amenities it provides and the number of staff.

Get all the things you need to entertain your guests

Before moving for this step, you need to estimate the entertainment needs of your guests. Please make a list of all the necessary things to keep them entertained. You need to manage

  • food arrangement
  • Snacks
  • Drinks to be served
  • Decoration
  • Things required for the theme-based party

To organize any event successfully; be it on a private catamaran playa del carmen or anywhere, is to plan. When you have all the requirements, you can not only leave an unforgettable impression on your guests but also prevent any unexpected incidents. 

Bring Medications

If you are hiring a private Catamaran in Playa Del Carmen to organize a party, be prepared for anything. Especially when it comes to medicines, perhaps some of your guests might fall sick, and therefore you need to carry seasickness pills. 

You don’t have to be a millionaire to party on a catamaran. These simple tips will assure you a successful party, and your guests will never forget the party.

Cancun A Paradise To Visit

Besides Being A Paradise, Cancun is a place that has a lot of history to tell

Cancun a paradise to visit. is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Mexico. It is less than 50 years old to have been founded. The information below will help your friends or family on their next trip to the Mexican Caribbean.

Cancun is a beautiful island

Known for its pristine beaches, Cancun is an idyllic Caribbean yacht rental destination. With striking landscapes, year-round sunshine, and warm tropical weather, anytime is a perfect time to go for an adventure! With our range of yachts for rent in Cancun, you will surely enjoy the incomparable tropical paradise. Here are the things that you can do in Cancun A Paradise To Visit.

Whale Shark Cancun Paradise

Experience Parasailing Adventure

Who doesn’t want to see the lively blue ocean off the coast of Mexico from high in the air? Parasailing adventure is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to glide above the coastline of Cancun for some of the most memorable of your life. Enjoy the rush of adrenaline that brings the feeling of flight and amaze with the most unbelievable views of the city and shoreline below.

Spend a day at Isla Mujeres

Do you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city? Visit a peaceful island that is a 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun before it was a Mayan sanctuary to goddess Ixchel but was transformed as a tranquil retreat where you can enjoy your drinks in the shade of the palm trees.

Not only a place for retreat, but you could also do many things at Isla Mujeres, with our Cancun yacht rental you can enjoy snorkeling with whale sharks, swimming with dolphins, playing beach volleyball or bask under the sun.

Cancun Yacht a Paradise To Visit

Learn Basic Spanish

Cancun is tourist-friendly even though you don’t know the Spanish language you’d still get around fine. But, it would be better at least try to pick up the local vocabulary. It is because a little Spanish will get you a smile from the locals if you can say “Hola” and “Gracias” instead of saying “Hello” and “Thank You.”

Have you ever been to Cancun? Any essential tips to share?

Tips On How To Choose a Wedding Planner

Are you thinking about having your wedding in a Luxury Yacht rental in Cancun or in Playa Del Carmen boat rental

Kiss goodbye to the ordinary and gloomy conventions of a traditional celebration! And welcome the tropical wedding of your dreams!

 We know how daunting planning a wedding can be for the brides. That’s why you need a wedding planner to assist you in your preparation. But looking for the best wedding planner can be tiresome and overwhelming too.

To help you with such concerns, here’s a simple step-by-step guide that plans all the tasks required in hiring a wedding planner for your big day. Check out this list of things you need to do to find a wedding planner pro you’ll want to work with for your wedding.

1. Search for Local Wedding Planners

Do some research on planners’ websites for photos of recent weddings they’ve arranged to help narrow down your list. Also, check to see if your list of planners has specialized in the area where you’d like to tie the knot. Lastly, look for information about the services they offer and the clients they’ve worked with.

2. Make a follow-up call of your Top 3 Planners

Call your top three favourites to confirm the following: the range of their planning services offered, wedding date availability, and the costs. If their answers fit your budget and your concept, set an appointment to discuss the details further.

3. Be ready for your appointment

After setting up an appointment, be ready with it. Bring magazine wedding tear-outs, checklist, Pinterest ideas, and inspiration boards with you when you meet with your potential planners. During the meeting, ask all the questions you have in your mind to get all the information you need. Then, take some notes and keep an eye on their personalities. Is this someone you can work with for months? 

4. Check with Their References

Don’t be in a rush! Take the time to call your prospect wedding planners’ references and ask the following of the planner and their team:

  • Was the wedding’s style precisely what you wanted?
  • Did they have excellent vendor recommendations?
  • Did they return quickly to your calls or emails?
  •  Were they pleasant to work with?
  • Did the wedding go well, according to your guests?

5. Sign the contract


Look from afar at lovely wedding couple watching the sunset over the sea

Take some time to compare the prices, impressions, and proposals. Ask your planners to draft their overall vision for your wedding and services to narrow down everything, which would then work as the basis for your contract. Once you’ve decided to hire your perfect planner, call them to express that you are looking forward to working with them and would love to sign a contract. After signing the contract and settle the deposit, you’ll have officially hired your wedding planner.

 Also, with the options of boat rental and yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen to live your wedding on the ocean of the Mexican Caribbean.  Making a unique way of getting married. 





Guide To Catamaran Vacations

Catamaran Vacations Playa del Carmen

Nothing is even more amazing in a paradise-like sailing on a catamaran atop the sky-blue blue Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen.  Here’s The Guide To Catamaran Vacations

While slowly gliding across the gleaming Caribbean waters under.  Sailing is one of the genuinely great activities you can do in the Caribbean area.

Where you can sail along miles of the pristine white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya on your way to snorkel on colorful coral reefs, which is surrounded by abundant marine life.

Also, you can go for snorkeling, watch the sunset, swim with sea turtles, have a beach party, or charter your catamarans Yacht in Playa Del Carmen just for your group. 

Private catamaran tour Playa Del Carmen is excellent for a family excursion, with your friends, or with your loved one. 

Types of catamaran charters for your catamaran vacations

  • Crewed catamaran charter: The most luxurious option for a catamaran cruise is a fully crewed Playa Del Carmen catamaran tour charter.
  • You can have your private yacht with a captain and crew where you can enjoy it.
  • Skippered catamaran charter: If you have sailing experience but don’t want the burden of navigating in unknown waters, you can charter a catamaran with a captain only.
  • A licensed captain will take the wheel, or show you how to do it. 
  • Bareboat catamaran charter: A bareboat charter means it’s just you on board! You’re responsible for everything from navigation, sailing, provisioning, and planning. 
  • By the cabin catamaran charter: If you don’t know how to sail, or if you don’t have the means to charter a yacht, you can reserve a cabin on a catamaran cruise.

Catamaran Tour Tips

If you are planning for a catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen, here are some useful tips to have a memorable holiday.

Pack light. Pack comfortable clothes, swimwear, and a good pair of boat shoes.  A soft-sided bag is more convenient to stow than a hard suitcase.

Don’t forget the essentials. Pack the essential things: prescriptions, toiletries, and sun protection.

Bring sunscreen. The tropical sun will be scorching hot, so don’t forget to pack a hat with a cord so that it won’t blow overboard, sunglasses with straps, biodegradable sunscreen, and coverups.

Imagine everything will get wet. A catamaran is not the place for your luxurious bag.

Don’t bring shoes, clothes, or anything else that would be ruined by saltwater. Put your relevant documents and electronics in waterproof cases or plastic bags.

Get travel insurance before you go. Make sure you have travel insurance before you go for a sailing vacation. Look for a plan that protects your vacation investment with trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, as well as emergency medical benefits.

Things You Need To Know About Boat Weddings

Boat Weddings in Playa del Carmen

If you like yacht and sea, then consider a wedding on the water!

Ocean breezes bring romance through the air when you have your wedding on a boat and being married in the middle of the ocean on a boat weddings.

When we are planning for our big day, we are looking for perfection. We are meticulous in deciding the venue and other things, but if you want a unique celebration, you should have your wedding on a boat. Because getting married on the water is fantastic! 

The idea of chartering a yacht for a wedding on a boat is extraordinary. So, set the date and have the most momentous event in your life on a yacht! 

Boat Rentals for Your Wedding Reception

There are different types of wedding boat rentals, and you can choose between a yacht, a sailboat, or a catamaran, which is an excellent option for larger receptions. But, if you want a private wedding or a small group of people on board, you can choose a smaller boat. We guarantee to cater to your needs, whatever your choice is.

boat weddings


Hassle-free venue

Having your wedding onboard will lessen your worries about money and time, like transporting your guests from the ceremony to the reception. So, start your marital journey with an open-air top-deck ceremony, followed by a fantastic dinner. Pretty dreamy, right?

All-Inclusive Packages

Some companies offer all-inclusive packages with everything from an on-site wedding coordinator to the catering, decorations to the program. With this kind of packages, you can relax, knowing that everything is handled professionally.


A wedding on the boat is a cost-effective option to tie the knot. Whether you reserve a private room or charter an entire boat, many ships offer different packages options to suit your budget. And since some companies provide all-inclusive, you naturally save a lot.

Tying a knot with a View.

Tying a knot in a boat will surely give you a memorable experience.

Thanks to the scenic harbor, sunset, and skyline views. Indeed, it is a visual treat. You’ll have beautiful wedding photos, and your guests will cherish that panoramic ceremony backdrop.

Vacation with friends after your boat weddings

After the wedding, you can continue the fun and vacation with your friends by booking a Playa Del Carmen boat rental and do some water activities like snorkeling, diving, and more.

Planning to have a wedding on a boat?

We will help you and take the stress out of planning your wedding with a comprehensive package. Want to know more about boat rentals?

Charter A Yacht In the Caribbean

Yacht Rentals in the Caribbean

A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is breathtakingly beautiful with crystalline waters and many clusters of idyllic paradise islands for an ideal yachting vacation.

With its excellent climate and magnificent coastlines, the Caribbean has long been a world-renowned Caribbean yacht charter destination.

Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands landscape and culture boast a lively attraction and fantastic cuisine for which the destination is popular.

The spectacular scenic and year-round good weather conditions make the Caribbean an ideal setting for all kinds of water sports and charter yacht activities.

From snorkeling and scuba diving to see the underwater exotic marine life and coral reefs to jet-skiing in the open waters, where a Caribbean yachts charter guarantees unlimited fun in the turquoise water.

Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rental

Charter a Yacht in Cancun

Charted and aboard our range of luxurious yachts with mouth-watering cuisine, excellent service, various destinations with world-class service.

A yacht charter playa del carmen is a perfect vessel for exploring some of the most beautiful parts of Cancun. Our yacht rental Cancun staff can guide you on which yacht to a charter that fulfills your yachting requirements.

Create your ideal Cancun Yacht Rental Experience!

Time is the essence of luxury. Most of us have such little time to spare, but learn how to spend time wisely.

Relax, time to connect or disconnect, enjoy the more beautiful things in life and reward yourself with the luxury you deserve.

How? A luxury yacht rental in Cancun offers you a world of experiences and possibilities, from high-octane and adrenaline-fuelled adventure where you can relax and enjoy the luxury of sailing.

Explore the far-flung corners in Cancun on an excursion with your family and friends.  Aboard on a yacht for sunbathing, snorkeling, diving and more.

A yacht charter gives the most romantic of getaways. Start sailing now on our luxury yacht charter and with your loved one for an exclusive romance under sail.

Get the chance to see every sunrise and sunset, scenic locations and life-changing experiences to be shared. You can choose one of our suggested cruising packages and top places around the Caribbean.

To discuss your plans and a charter holiday with a personalized itinerary, please contact us.

Are you looking to explore the Caribbean with a yacht charter in the Caribbean? Whatever your yacht rental Playa Del Carmen and Cancun yacht rental needs, we assure you to provide an expert recommendation to whatever your chosen destination.

Check our yacht rentals in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen now!

Tips on How To Snorkel in the Riviera Maya

Discover Caribbean beautiful coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and hidden coves!

Tips on How To Snorkel in the Riviera Maya. Well-known for its tranquil waters and white sand beaches, the Riviera Maya is an ideal vacation destination. Its Caribbean coastline offers lovely coral reefs, warm temperatures, and ideal conditions for sailing. If you want to explore the serene hidden coves and do some water activities, Playa Del Carmen boat rental is a great option to discover the blue Caribbean waters under the power of the wind.

Playa Del Carmen

Famous for its vigorous nightlife and gorgeous beaches, Playa del Carmen is one of the most visited destinations in the Riviera Maya.

To make your vacation unforgettable, rent a yacht or book Playa Del Carmen Boat Rentals its excellent snorkeling destinations. One of the famous spots for snorkeling is the Moche Reef and Inha Reef- home to a variety of marine life and abundance of tropical fish. Because of its clean and calm water, expect you will see hundreds of sea turtles and the famous Dog Face Puffer Fish.

Tips on How To Snorkel in the Riviera Maya

You can rent a yacht at or get a catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen or join a dive charter where a boat will take you out to excellent snorkeling and diving spots nearby the island you are visiting. The rented yacht will allow you to explore unique places beautiful reefs, colorful fishes, and a chance to see turtles and sharks.

Do you think snorkeling is always easy? Yes, it is! All you need is the right equipment and enjoy it.

Here are some tips for enjoying your snorkeling adventure in Playa Del Carmen.

A Few Tips on Snorkeling

  • If you are renting or using equipment from the packages you avail, ensure it is clean before you stick the tube in your mouth. But most dive shops they clean their gear with mild detergent. But if you are satisfied with you can use alcohol cleaning pads or better to buy or bring your gear.
  •  Did you know one way to clean your fogging mask is to spit on the lens? It may sound gross, but it is the easiest way, rub the saliva around, then dip it immediately rinse into the water.
  • Use swim fins: Yes, they’re hard to flop around when you are still on the rented yacht. But it changes everything once you are in the water, especially if you’re not a good swimmer.
  • Using flotation device/Vest- If you’re not a good swimmer, wear the best or a flotation device for your safety and confidently enjoy snorkeling.
  • Biodegradable sunscreen-When you go for snorkeling, don’t forget to put sunscreen to protect your skin against the sun. But make sure that you are using an Eco-friendly sunscreen that won’t leave toxic elements in the water.
  • Snorkeling Equipment- Most snorkeling packages provide quality masks and snorkels. But it would be better if you have a set, so you could take it with you whenever you travel. You save money and the fit will be even better.

Go snorkeling and get a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen or on a rented private yacht in Playa Del Carmen with luxury and pleasure! Exceptional service and fun guaranteed!

Yacht Experience After Shopping

Luxury Yacht Experience After Shopping

Yacht Experience After Shopping

Yacht Experience After Shopping. After a great day shopping ending a sunset on our amazing yacht its a way of doing it. ? Shots after shots the Playa Del Carmen yacht tour started and soon enough everyone laughing and swimming in the deep waters or the shallow waters of our trip. Eating the snacks away GLUTEN free as requested everyone started to dance especially the girls that finally got a tequila down or 2 or even more. So what are you waiting for? Get a private yacht playa del carmen

Yacht Experience After Shopping
Catamaran and Yachts Tours In Cancun and Playa Del Carmen

Private Yacht Australian Style

Caribbean Dream Yachts

Private Yacht Australian Style

Private Yacht Australian Style. Australian Bachelor party in Playa del Carmen was another success under our belt with a wonderful day on the yacht and lots of fun, the boys had a great snorkelling Caribbean Bachelorette Party? Including a fishing tour, catching a couple of great fish and one used for our fresh made ceviche onboard.? I must need be an expert at fish since chief didn’t like my comment about mixing the fresh dorado fish we caught with frozen shrimp- followed by some tasty cheeseburgers on board and cooked on the yachts own bbq and swimming with the turtles on shallow and calm water.

Bachelorette Party On a Yacht

Girls want have fun!! Bachelorette Party On a Yacht Caribbean Dream Yacht, they will enjoy the best yachting experience!!!

If you are looking for a place to enjoy before you say, “I DO.” Then you have come to the right place.

We want to give you an extraordinary bachelorette Party On a Yacht experience.

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience for your bachelorette party, reconsider renting a boat with your dearest friends and bring your celebration out to the water. 

We can help you organize your private yacht in Playa Del Carmen for your bachelorette party.

We put the music you love, drinks, and food. Just say YES to us! A bachelorette cruise for the day or overnight will be an experience to cherish. Spend an afternoon, evening, or full-day cruising with a view with your friends.

Enjoy your provided drinks, dance & music, and food and perhaps even add water sports activities such as snorkelling, diving, and jet skiing to your bachelorette to add a dimension to your party style.

Best friends, best entertainment, best yacht, best destination, and formidable entertainment! What more could you ask for?

Let’s Cruise before the VEIL

The wedding is right around the corner, so that means it’s time to plan the unforgettable bachelorette party. Search our fleet and find a boat, whether you’re Caribbean dream sailing, cruising or yachting. A yacht is a perfect venue for the girls to get perfect tans before the big night out. Make it one to remember onboard on a Luxury Yacht Charter. Our boats are well-equipped with state of the art sound system to handle this kind of event.


Dream the best party you ever wanted, now give us a call, and we will make that possible for you.

First, you inform us of the following details:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Yacht/ Catamaran/ Boat/Fishing Yacht/Sailboat you want
  • Reserve

Check your budget and Guest List.

Before deciding to have a yacht bachelorette party, ensure you already allocated a budget for it. Yacht rental prices range from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per day. Having a budget will help you find the right boat within your budget in the desired location. Also, having a guest list will help you decide on finding a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen that can accommodate all of your friends.

Book In Advance

Once you decide to have the party on a yacht in Playa Del Carmen, ensure to book the yacht in advance. It will help avoid non-availability surprises and will give you enough time to plan. It would be better to book in advance so you could get the most popular and desirable yacht.

Are you ready to have “fun in the sun” on board with your private yacht rental? Take advantage of the water equipment and the famous locations you have to choose from. 

It’s all about celebrating getting married, so make it an epic bachelorette party! Our range of Caribbean Yacht Charter for your bachelorette party will make your celebration more fun.  Also, let our planning team assist you with all the details. For more information about our luxury yacht tours, please don’t hesitate to contact Caribbean Dream Yachts.