Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip

Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip

Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip. If you like sailing in the waters of the Caribbean, ensure that you dispose of your trash properly so as not to harm our marine life. On the water, waste can quickly become marine debris, and it is the most pervasive pollution problem now. Not just an eyesore but it also kills marine animals and birds. As a sailing enthusiast, we need to do our part and help the environment,

Here we’ve put together our tips and ideas on how you can care for the sailing environment in the Caribbean.

Tips on How to Go Green on Your Next Sailing Trip


Keep your boat deck trash free

While sailing makes sure that you dispose of your trash found on the deck because it can quickly end up in the sea this is to protect your property and the sea from pollution.

Limit your plastic usage

After you have prepared your yacht and ready to sail, please check perhaps you are stocking too much plastic. In preparing your commodities on board, use reusable containers instead of single-use plastic to lessen your plastic usage, especially when you are sailing.

Use a refillable drink bottle

Learn how to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. So, instead of binning your disposable plastic bottle, why not refill it? Better yet, avoid bottled water and use refillable water bottles. This will decrease the amount of waste that ends up in the sea.

Don’t throw your waste into the sea

Did you know that 20% of marine waste comes from human activities carried out at sea? Ensure that the people on board in your rented yacht will not throw any of these- Cigarette butts, water bottle, food waste, and snacks packaging. Instead, dispose of any rubbish in the boat until you can dispose of it properly. It has been recorded that a considerable percentage of seabirds and sea turtles die each year because of ingestion of marine waste.

Use alternatives to replace cling film and plastic wrap.

We know that it is easy to use ‘go-to’ kitchen staple to keep our food fresh, especially during your sailing adventure. But, instead of using plastic wrap, look for an alternative option available like beeswax wraps as a sustainable alternative or use reusable containers.

Avoid using a motor during sailing when possible.

The gliding through the sea while sailing using the power of the wind helps sea preservation and is more beneficial for the environment. So, take advantage of the wind- relax and enjoy and enjoy sailing and use your motor only when needed.

Provide space between boats in marinas.

The ideal distance that should be observed in marinas is 40 -60 cm between boats—allowing the sun’s rays to filter through the passage of deep water, enabling a smooth photosynthesis process which assures the self-purification of the sea.

So if you are a sailor enthusiast, the sea is your playground and our office, and we need to take responsibility for it. Next time, if you are planning for a sailing adventure after renting a boat or a yacht be responsible enough. 

Taking the above guidelines when sailing in the Caribbean will ensure that you’re able to enjoy the wealth of natural resources available for years to come and our planet will undoubtedly thank you!

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Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew. You have finally chartered a yacht and boarded your boat for an anticipated cruise with family or friends. If you have sailed with the same group before, your chartered yacht crew is seemingly ready and waiting for some additional instructions.

Preparing Your Charter Yacht Crew

It is recommended that you must do a full briefing for the safety of the crew and the boat. Here are the tips for you to organize a presentation with your crew for a safe, enjoyable catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen.

Boat Tour

The best way to brief your crew is to have a tour in the charter boat when the charter company briefer will give you after you board. It is essential to point out the parts or area that could be dangerous or for authorized personnel only.

Rules onboard

When you charter a yacht or boat in Playa Del Carmen it is best to brief your crew about the rules and regulations on the boat like:

  • Etiquette on using the bathrooms in the yacht is quite different than at home.
    • Your crew should know how to use the bathroom properly. A small thing like using too much toilet paper can despoil the cruise.
    • Explain to each crewmember how the shower drain works.
    • Demonstrate how to close the seacocks and emphasize the importance of doing so before leaving the anchorage.
  • It should also emphasize that the water supply is limited. Each person must know and understand how to use it wisely like:
    • Take quick showers.
    • Do not allow the water to run while brushing your teeth.
    • When washing the dishes, use a basin to save water.
  • Elaborate also the proper use of electricity onboard.
    • Please turn off the lights and appliances when they are not in use.


  • The Caribbean sun can be harsh in the skin where the constant cooling Trade Winds keep you from recognizing the extent of your sun exposure until it is too late. Ensure that your guest brings sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, aloe gel and a hat. Also, it is recommended to wear a lightweight long-sleeve shirt to enjoy extra-long visits in the sun without burning your skin.
  • The wind might get your skin chap and dry your eyes and lips. Bring with you some moisturizing products and lip balm to use before and after exposure to the wind. 

Safety Issues

Everyone on board must understand the underlying safety issue.

 Here are some essential details to explain to your crew:

  • Demonstrate how to close the hatches in the cabins and shut the sea cocks in the bathrooms before casting off. 
  • Teach them the basics of using the radio, such as the use of Channel 16 and transmitting and responding.
  • Let them know the location and how to use the fire extinguisher.
  • Advise your crew to avoid seasickness by sharing tips- like avoiding down below unless necessary, looking at the skyline, eating lightly, etc. Advice crew members to take any needed medications before setting sail.

 The key to a safe and enjoyable cruise  on a Yacht Rental in Playa Del Carmen is to do an orientation of the crew and guest before sailing.

Your Yacht Charter Checklist

Are you planning to have a vacation cruise with your family or friends  on a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen? Then going through a detailed checklist for your chartered yacht is probably not the priority of your vacation plans. But to ensure a delightful bareboat charter, it is a requirement. 

Use this checklist to guarantee that all equipment onboard is working correctly and to ensure that the crew members understand how each system works.

Your Yacht Charter Checklist

 Food & Provisioning

  • Ensure that the food or supplies you ordered from the charter company, or grocery is sufficient and in good condition.
  • Ensure that you have everything you need the basics like toiletries, condiments, etc.
  • Store the food properly to avoid spoilage. It is advisable to put the most perishable items near the cooling plate and do not put the fruits and vegetables next to the cold plate.

 Chilling or Refrigeration

Make sure that your Playa Del Carmen boat rental company in will operate the boat’s systems before on boarding to ensure that the freezer is working properly and it is ready for food storage.

 Water Supply

  • Check if the water tanks are full. Though it is the responsibility of the charter company, mistakes happen. 
  • Check if each faucet is working, including the deck shower.

Test the Anchor

  • Examine the windlass by taking the anchor up and down several times

Ask for a Boat Tour from Charter Company 

To enjoy smooth sailing, you must be knowledgeable about the options for Playa Del Carmen Yacht Rentals. Pay attention and ask questions and take notes.


  • Monitor the weather forecast and the forecasted course for the remainder of your trip. You can check online for sailors for weather resources in various regions.
  • Do not forget to take note of the radio frequencies to check the daily weather.


Before leaving the dock, ensure it is properly inflated and that you have an air pump on the boat. Double-check if the gasoline is enough. The following should be placed in the dinghy:

  • Full Fuel tank
  • Wrist set
  • Bailing bucket
  • Paddles / Oars:
  • Wrist/disconnect attachment set.
  • Long painter
  • Cable with lock
  • Small dinghy anchor.


  • Flashlights and extra batteries
  • Spray lubricant like WD-40
  • Boathook
  • Dock lines
  • Cruising guides for your sailing plan
  • Floatation devise for each crewmember including children
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Documents and licences.

Make sure to follow the checklist to enjoy a smooth and enjoyable sailing adventure. Take your time to assure you understand each item. 

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When choosing your partner in your yacht charter holiday, you must look into the values of your provider. Look for a company that has built a reputation, honesty, transparency, and quality.


How To Save Money on a Yacht Charter

how save money on a yacht charterHave you always dreaming about sailing through the Carribean islands, but thought you could never afford it? Well, think again. With these tips on How to Save a Money on Yacht Charter, you can get a private yacht in Playa del Carmen and enjoy the sparkling Caribbean waters under sail is one of the genuinely great activities you can do in Playa del Carmen.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best deals on a sailing vacation.

The Season

The best season to visit the Caribbean is July or December, but do you know that it is much cheaper and less crowded if you will go in May/June or September, or to the Caribbean in October/November or May/June?
To save some bucks, try to book your boat rental Playa Del Carmen at the end of peak season. Let’s say the peak season ends on April 20, book your yacht rental at the beginning of May.


One of the easiest ways to cut down the cost is to share a yacht rental with friends or another tourist. Some Playa Del Carmen yacht rental companies organize share-a-yachts where they will place you on a boat with a couple or singles — another excellent option for solo travellers at the same you can meet new friends on your sailing adventure.

The Boat

If you are new to sailing, then this can be confusing because there are so many choices of boat rental model and pricing. To decide which boat you should rent, you can inquire about the following.

  • Number of people that a yacht can accommodate
  • Boat model
  • Price
  • Yacht size

The Extras

Charter companies offer different packages. Before renting a yacht in Playa Del Carmen, you should ask about the following to ensure safety and comfort during your sailing adventure.

  • insurance
  • local cruising permits
  • cleaning fees
  • transportation
  • mobile phone and Internet connectivity
  • onboard entertainment options
  • snorkel gear
  • handheld GPS and other equipment

Keep an eye on discounts promotion.

Similar to hotels and airlines, yacht rental companies in Playa Del Carmen also offer discounts to keep their charter boats off the dock and out for sailing. Keep a close eye on yacht company newsletters and websites to get great deals on Playa Del Carmen yacht rentals.

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Charter A Yacht In the Caribbean

Yacht Rentals in the Caribbean

A luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean is breathtakingly beautiful with crystalline waters and many clusters of idyllic paradise islands for an ideal yachting vacation.

With its excellent climate and magnificent coastlines, the Caribbean has long been a world-renowned Caribbean yacht charter destination.

Yacht Charter in the Caribbean

Caribbean Islands landscape and culture boast a lively attraction and fantastic cuisine for which the destination is popular.

The spectacular scenic and year-round good weather conditions make the Caribbean an ideal setting for all kinds of water sports and charter yacht activities.

From snorkeling and scuba diving to see the underwater exotic marine life and coral reefs to jet-skiing in the open waters, where a Caribbean yachts charter guarantees unlimited fun in the turquoise water.

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