Amazing Team Building Activities in Playa del Carmen

Amazing Team Building Activities in Playa del Carmen

Amazing Team Building Activities in Playa del Carmen, on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, has long been a famous spot for conferences, and corporate team building. Thanks to the region’s wide selection of hotels, resorts, company boat tours with corresponding facilities.

Amazing Team Building Activities in Playa del Carmen

If you’re a corporate or small business and planning for a team building, you’ll love the comfort and affordability of combining group incentives and team building activities with fun in the sun in splendidly picturesque Playa del Carmen. Team building is an integral part of business travel because it maintains the profitability of group problem-solving. It also promotes camaraderie and learns to recognize and leverage each strength and heighten the benefits of cooperation versus competition.

Playa del Carmen yacht rentals will make your trip fun and enjoyable. If you are the planner of the team building and looking for a unique idea, Caribbean Dream Yacht can help you out!

Activities you can do during team buildings:

  1. Discover the destination’s culture and natural beauty of a local eco-theme park.
  2. Grow team spirit underground. Cenotes or sinkholes offer an optimal setting for team building to reach such a destination you can check yacht rental company in Playa del Carmen to accommodate your team building.
  3. Adventure activities like ziplining and rappelling are among the destination’s more adventurous pursuits. Still, there are also other ways to enjoy outdoor activities in this part of the Mexican Caribbean.
  4. Charter a Yacht in Playa del Carmen. Having your team building in a yacht is another level of entertainment. Playa del Carmen yacht rental services would help you organize an exciting array of itineraries featuring long and short sails. In this way, the team can explore breathtaking ports here in Playa del Carmen. 

Corporate team buildings can be distressing circumstances, mainly when the purpose is to construct a strong group. To break that stress and discharge the underlying strain of a team-building meeting, Caribbean Dream Yacht can help you lessen the stress in organizing. Our professional organizers in the Caribbean Dream Yachts would make sure that you can afford packages with our yacht rentals that can cater to the budget of your company.

Enjoy your Corporate Team Building with Our Ultimate Yacht Rentals

Caribbean Dream Yachts offers a wide range of yacht rental that can cater according to your needs. We stand out with the scope of our luxury yachts rentals, amenities, premium destinations, activities, and onboard options. Our yacht rentals in Playa del Carmen offer a lot of benefits just by throwing your team building on a yacht or boat. 

Are you planning your next corporate team building? Give us a call or visit us at our location. We will be happy to help you prepare for the most-awaited team-building of the year!


Corporate Events in Playa del Carmen

Corporate Events in Playa del Carmen

Perfect for A Professional Event

Why Playa del Carmen? Playa del Carmen has been gaining popularity as a destination for corporate trips, meetings, and events. It has a modern style of services and world-class venues offering all the amenities of a cosmopolitan city plus the white-sand beaches that you can see on the Caribbean sea.

Corporate Events in Playa del Carmen

This region boasts a wide selection of places that holds activities like team-building and suppliers for any corporate events. Playa del Carmen yacht rentals will make your trip fun and exciting. If you are the planner of this trip and if you are looking for a unique idea to plan a corporate trip, Caribbean Dream Yacht can help you out!

A Fully Customized Experience Awaits on Pristine Waters

Events, conferences, and meetings play an essential role in most businesses and companies.

Whether it is a product launch or a large company conference, they rely on these gatherings to deliver messages, bring people together, and build a more substantial workplace bond. Reward your employees, business associates, visitors from overseas, distributors, business partners, with magnificent dinner.

Corporate event on the sea is a new kind of trip that you can take on. 

Host your corporate trip and enjoy Playa del Carmen yacht rental services. You can fully enjoy a customized experience by having a unique event on the high seas as you sail along the Caribbean seas. Our professional organizers in the Caribbean Dream Yachts would make sure that you can afford packages that cater to the budget of all the people on this trip. 

Playa del Carmen yacht rental services would help you plan an exciting array of itineraries featuring long and short cruises. In this way, you can let your team relax during a stopover in some of the thrilling ports here in Playa del Carmen. Many destinations throughout Playa del Carmen are ideally located that can host memorable corporate events and productions. Whether you’re arranging an annual dinner, award ceremony, themed party, product launch, press conference, business partner appreciation trip or activity to foster client loyalty, we can help make your vision reality.

Charter with Us!

Every magical tropical trip starts with the right people, the right destination, and the right choice of yacht. Playa del Carmen yacht rental services would make your next corporate events and meetings successful and exciting! Book a trip they’ll never forget with Caribbean Dream Yachts. We believe in customer satisfaction by putting our clients’ needs foremost in our advice. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.


Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter

Are you planning to go on a boat rental holiday in the Caribbean? Is it your first time? No frets, we gathered the essential aspects of planning a yacht charter trip. Ensure that you do it the right way so that nothing can go wrong.

Guidelines for Your First Yacht Charter

Essential viewpoints of planning a yacht charter

  • If you are planning for a sailing holiday, deciding the right people for your journey is vital. A charter holiday in the Caribbean is something extraordinary that you wanted to go as smoothly as possible. So, it is recommended to get the right crew to help you with your sailing adventure. 
  • Plan your routes in the Caribbean before the holiday and get the details of the yacht rental.
  • When you are planning to rent a boat, it is essential to discuss all the individual bents and to agree on a budget that fits everyone. 
  • After you have discussed, the budget to choose the right boat type according to the cruising area is essential too.
  • Create a list of your activities onboard and onshore.
  • Delegate the tasks so everyone would enjoy the sailing adventure.
  • If you don’t know how to steer the yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen yourself, hire a professional skipper to steer the yacht. The benefit of having a professional skipper on board is that they have a lot of local knowledge and can plan all the routes. 

Choosing the right yacht for you

  • Choosing the right choice of the charter yacht. It is vital to take into consideration your comfort, level of sailing skills, preferred charter area, local weather, as well as the budget. If you prefer a bigger space on deck as well as the interior, then a catamaran may be ideal for you. 
  • If you are an experienced sailor, mono hulls may be the only choice. But if you are not a skilled one, the catamaran is a preferred option with its easy maneuverability due to the two motors.

Yacht charter insurance

  • It would be best if you always secured insurances for the yacht rental in Playa Del Carmen– like deposit and the skipper liability insurance and advisable among-st friends or couples. 

Charter season and the sailing weather at the destination

In order not to spoil the enjoyment of the boat rental might as well check first the charter season and the sailing weather condition in the Caribbean.

We assume that we help you plan your boating holiday a little easier for you.

To get the best charter offer for your preferred destination, no matter your budget or what activities you’d like to do, we can serve you to make this date possible.

Why You Should Rent a Boat For Your Next Birthday Party

Why You Should Rent a Boat For Your Next Birthday Party

Why You Should Rent a Boat For Your Next Birthday Party. Birthday is a significant occasion in every person’s life and amongst one of those events which are awaited by everyone. That’s why we always make sure that the celebration is something unique, either your birthday or your loved ones.

So why not choose and make this year’s birthday more special by celebrating it on a Playa Del Carmen boat rental. Celebrating a birthday at a rental boat in Playa del Carmen is a great way to celebrate under the sky. Here, the boat is being introduced to a charter boat. The onboard parties are just astonishing. They would surely have a meaningful impact on anyone’s birthday. 

Why You Should Rent a Boat For Your Next Birthday Party

How to Plan a Birthday Party on a Yacht Rental in Playa Del Carmen

Planning a boat birthday party to celebrate a significant birthday with family and friends in style is indeed memorable. The first thing you should do is do some research on a local rental boat company to decide an appropriate boat themed birthday party. 

The theme of the Party

Planning begins with the concept of the party you want. A theme to be more specific. Once the theme is decided, you can start sending the invites so that the guests know the details. Also, it would be easier to select the decorations and menu. 

The food and drinks at the Party

You know that food always leaves a mark! It’s essential to get the menu right. The best thing to do is to keep the food simple yet tasty. As much as possible, avoid using allergens as there’s a good chance your guests may have dietary restrictions or allergies. Also, to prevent unwanted situations, limit alcohol consumption at bay.

The Entertainment

Music sets the tone for a party, so you have to plan and select your music playlist carefully. If you have an extra budget, you can hire a band to entertain the guests on the birthday party boat. 

The Favors

Don’t forget to send party guests home with boat themed birthday party favours. At the end of the party, meet the party guests at the dock to hand out the favours.

To sum up, why should you rent a birthday boat?

  • To avoid the crowds
  • So you can move around and explore the beauty of Playa Del Carmen
  • To capture beautiful views only accessible by boat
  • For a memorable and unique experience

Affordable Birthday Boat Party

If you are looking for a more affordable birthday boat party, then contact us, and we are happy to help you. We can show you our flexibility on prices. So, get in touch if you need to save a penny for your birthday boat party, and we’ll see what we can do!

With our range of boats and prices available, a birthday yacht charter Playa Del Carmen are within everyone’s reach.

Contact us today to book your birthday yachting experience!

Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway

Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway. The excellent way to explore the beautiful islands of Caribbean coastlines is undoubtedly to book  a boat rental in Playa Del Carmen or sailboat, allowing you to hop from island to island easily. 

Here are some fun things to do while cruising around the Caribbean.

Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway

1. Get a Caribbean Tan

Basking under the sun in one of the Caribbean islands will give you a beautiful tan, but make sure that you don’t expose yourself in the sun too long or else you will get a sunburn. Moderate sun exposure is advisable. To get a perfect skin glow, you can rub some extra virgin olive oil onto your skin, during and after sunbathing.

2. Write a journal and capture great views

When sailing or yachting in the Caribbean, it’s the ideal time to write a journal. Your chartered yacht could be like your writing sanctuary, with the sea breeze giving you inspiration for your creativity. Also, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture extraordinary scenery. Taking photos or videos of the dramatic scenery and lush mountain backdrops, and encountering historic Rivieras can be an excellent souvenir of your sailing adventure. 

3. Organize a Boat Party

Organizing a party in your chartered boat in the Caribbean is one of the best activities to do. There are no restrictions out on the sea, and you can enjoy partying under the stars with your friends or family. To make it more memorable, you can get a chef on board to prepare a customized menu, filled with local produce to satisfy your guests’ palate.

4. Discover the Local Cuisine 

Discover the local cuisine in the Caribbean, so walk around and explore local food — you never know what foodie pit stop you could discover. It is advisable to hire a tour guide to lead you in local specialties.

 Activities To Do on Your Yacht Charter Getaway

5. Explore the Water World

Anchor your yacht and explore the water world of the Caribbean Sea. Swimming is an excellent exercise and also a fantastic leisure activity. Or you can go snorkelling and bring an underwater camera to capture the beautiful marine life, do scuba diving or try some extreme water sports.

Besides the onboard activities, there are also some coastal activities you can appreciate during a yacht charter- like exploring the surroundings of the marina. There are many sailing destinations that claim amazing cultural sites, so do not stay in your boat and marina – look around, go sightseeing. 

Are you looking to explore the Caribbean with a yacht rental Playa Del Carmen,  in the Caribbean? Whatever your yacht charter needs, we assure you to provide expert recommendations to whatever your chosen destination.

Book a charter yacht now!

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht. A boat can be the perfect setting for a date night, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just want to spend a romantic evening on the water with your special someone.

Chartering a private catamaran in Playa del Carmen is the best option to make this romantic night a memorable one. The ambience, the menu, the music—this guide will help with all the preplanning for smooth sailing once you’ve departed the harbour.

 Are you ready to make a date on the one you love onboard? Make sure to follow these seven tips for planning.

Tips for Planning Date Night on a Private Yacht

How to Plan the Perfect Date Night On A Private Catamaran in Playa Del Carmen

  1. The Set-up

Chartering a private catamaran for your date is an opportunity where you can have privacy and peace away from the bustle of the city. If you rent a boat, then you’ll have the whole time to set up a perfect ambience for your date night.

See the beauty of Playa Del Carmen’s panoramic view while onboard and enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious savoury menu, hearing only the sounds of the sea along with your partner’s voice.

2. Menu

Nothing is as intimate as a candlelight dinner at the yacht with harmonious music in the background. Most private catamarans nowadays have sound systems that will loop into your device via Bluetooth, to play your playlist of romantic songs.

These songs are sure to put some motion in your ocean:  Power of Love by Celine Dion, How Deep Is Your Love by the Bee Gees, I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston, Baby Love by the Supremes, Best of My Love by the Emotions and more.

3. Flowers

Incorporate flowers, symphonic music, and low lighting to create the perfect atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about where to buy flowers.

Many florists nowadays can deliver the flowers of your preference right to the boat, so that when your special someone steps on board, she’ll be welcomed with fresh flowers. You can order flowers in advance and have them there waiting when you arrive.

4. Menu

They say that the best way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. Chartering a private catamaran will give you two options when it comes to your menu on your date night.

Some private catamaran comes with a chef as part of the crew. It means that you have a private chef to prepare a sumptuous menu for your date night. Or you can order from local restaurants and have it delivered in your private catamaran.

5.Quality Time

Perhaps, this could sound scary, ask your date for the night to put off the wifi but create an entire evening without the irresistible pull of an iPhone- another great way to enjoy the night.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these date ideas on a private catamaran, and maybe gotten some ideas of your own. You can even mix and match these ideas to create a perfect date night to remember.

For your private catamaran bookings, you can contact us!


Top 5 Reasons Why Yacht Sailing is The Best Way to Wander in Playa del Carmen

Top 5 Reasons Why Yacht Sailing is The Best Way to Wander in Playa del Carmen

Every once in a while, we tend to do things that can make us feel better and engaged ourselves in some wild adventures. Sailing contains everything you want to experience in your vacation in one convenient package. You can either explore a new place, relax on a beach, sail on a yacht, or do some water activities around the place. Sailing lets you find your inner peace and can be a great way to wander in some beautiful places. Here are the 5 solid reasons that you can consider to enjoy your next holiday here in Playa del Carmen.

  1. The pristine sky-blue waters

Be amazed by the beautiful Caribbean seas fuses with broad areas of sky-blue waters and pristine paradise islands for a picture-perfect for your yachting adventures. It also features an overwhelming abundance of tourist attractions and activities that you can explore under the sun savouring the magnificent destination encounters as you spend your holiday in Playa del Carmen boat rental. You can also feel more connected with nature. Yacht sailing allows you to learn more and care about nature because sailing is such an environmentally friendly activity you can try on.

  1.  Unwind

There can be no terrific than to have a moment alone. The busy and crowded environment starts to fade away as you step onto the boat. It gives you the freedom and let you take away all of the worries you had. Yacht rentals here in Playa del Carmen allows you to find tranquillity and serenity that is nowhere else to find. Still not sure? Check out more details on our services, especially our playa del carmen yacht rentals, and enjoy it with your family and friends.

  1. Luxurious Amenities

Yacht rental is more than just a boat. It is not only a simple mode of transportation, but it can be more than that. It is not limited to one service, and it offers more than what you expected. With Carribean Dream Yachts, we provide you with the best vacation you’ll surely remember and leave you with good memories. You can enjoy our services, swimming pools, spa areas, hot tubs, saunas, clubs and a lot more.

  1. Countless Activities

Playa Del Carmen is renowned for its exotic natural islands, beautiful tropical beaches. Make your vacation a more interesting and memorable one. Aside from the breathtaking view of the sea and, of course, the mouth-watering cuisine, embark yourself on water-centred activities that can boost your adrenaline. Don’t let the day pass for the numerous activities you can try on. Remember that you are not here to do nothing, but you are here to enjoy it. 

  1. Long Term Memories

If you are still not convinced of the reasons mentioned earlier, then this last reason would surely convince you! As you step onboard, you can have the best experience in your life. You can feel the happiness that you are longing to embrace without a little doubt in your mind. Sailing is also an excellent way to know yourself more and trust us; you’ll surely go back to sailing in no time. Enjoy the vacation with your loved ones and family, do what you want, and go wherever you want to. Contact Carribean Dream Yachts and let us prepare your dream yacht sailing vacation right away!

Top 5 Reasons Why Yacht Sailing is The Best Way to Wander in Playa del Carmen


How To Save Money on a Yacht Charter

how save money on a yacht charterHave you always dreaming about sailing through the Carribean islands, but thought you could never afford it? Well, think again. With these tips on How to Save a Money on Yacht Charter, you can get a private yacht in Playa del Carmen and enjoy the sparkling Caribbean waters under sail is one of the genuinely great activities you can do in Playa del Carmen.

Here are some tips to help you to get the best deals on a sailing vacation.

The Season

The best season to visit the Caribbean is July or December, but do you know that it is much cheaper and less crowded if you will go in May/June or September, or to the Caribbean in October/November or May/June?
To save some bucks, try to book your boat rental Playa Del Carmen at the end of peak season. Let’s say the peak season ends on April 20, book your yacht rental at the beginning of May.


One of the easiest ways to cut down the cost is to share a yacht rental with friends or another tourist. Some Playa Del Carmen yacht rental companies organize share-a-yachts where they will place you on a boat with a couple or singles — another excellent option for solo travellers at the same you can meet new friends on your sailing adventure.

The Boat

If you are new to sailing, then this can be confusing because there are so many choices of boat rental model and pricing. To decide which boat you should rent, you can inquire about the following.

  • Number of people that a yacht can accommodate
  • Boat model
  • Price
  • Yacht size

The Extras

Charter companies offer different packages. Before renting a yacht in Playa Del Carmen, you should ask about the following to ensure safety and comfort during your sailing adventure.

  • insurance
  • local cruising permits
  • cleaning fees
  • transportation
  • mobile phone and Internet connectivity
  • onboard entertainment options
  • snorkel gear
  • handheld GPS and other equipment

Keep an eye on discounts promotion.

Similar to hotels and airlines, yacht rental companies in Playa Del Carmen also offer discounts to keep their charter boats off the dock and out for sailing. Keep a close eye on yacht company newsletters and websites to get great deals on Playa Del Carmen yacht rentals.

Are you ready to cruise? Book with us now.

Guide To Catamaran Vacations

Catamaran Vacations Playa del Carmen

Nothing is even more amazing in a paradise-like sailing on a catamaran atop the sky-blue blue Caribbean Sea in Playa del Carmen.  Here’s The Guide To Catamaran Vacations

While slowly gliding across the gleaming Caribbean waters under.  Sailing is one of the genuinely great activities you can do in the Caribbean area.

Where you can sail along miles of the pristine white sand beaches of the Riviera Maya on your way to snorkel on colorful coral reefs, which is surrounded by abundant marine life.

Also, you can go for snorkeling, watch the sunset, swim with sea turtles, have a beach party, or charter your catamarans Yacht in Playa Del Carmen just for your group. 

Private catamaran tour Playa Del Carmen is excellent for a family excursion, with your friends, or with your loved one. 

Types of catamaran charters for your catamaran vacations

  • Crewed catamaran charter: The most luxurious option for a catamaran cruise is a fully crewed Playa Del Carmen catamaran tour charter.
  • You can have your private yacht with a captain and crew where you can enjoy it.
  • Skippered catamaran charter: If you have sailing experience but don’t want the burden of navigating in unknown waters, you can charter a catamaran with a captain only.
  • A licensed captain will take the wheel, or show you how to do it. 
  • Bareboat catamaran charter: A bareboat charter means it’s just you on board! You’re responsible for everything from navigation, sailing, provisioning, and planning. 
  • By the cabin catamaran charter: If you don’t know how to sail, or if you don’t have the means to charter a yacht, you can reserve a cabin on a catamaran cruise.

Catamaran Tour Tips

If you are planning for a catamaran tour in Playa Del Carmen, here are some useful tips to have a memorable holiday.

Pack light. Pack comfortable clothes, swimwear, and a good pair of boat shoes.  A soft-sided bag is more convenient to stow than a hard suitcase.

Don’t forget the essentials. Pack the essential things: prescriptions, toiletries, and sun protection.

Bring sunscreen. The tropical sun will be scorching hot, so don’t forget to pack a hat with a cord so that it won’t blow overboard, sunglasses with straps, biodegradable sunscreen, and coverups.

Imagine everything will get wet. A catamaran is not the place for your luxurious bag.

Don’t bring shoes, clothes, or anything else that would be ruined by saltwater. Put your relevant documents and electronics in waterproof cases or plastic bags.

Get travel insurance before you go. Make sure you have travel insurance before you go for a sailing vacation. Look for a plan that protects your vacation investment with trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits, as well as emergency medical benefits.

Things You Need To Know About Boat Weddings

Boat Weddings in Playa del Carmen

If you like yacht and sea, then consider a wedding on the water!

Ocean breezes bring romance through the air when you have your wedding on a boat and being married in the middle of the ocean on a boat weddings.

When we are planning for our big day, we are looking for perfection. We are meticulous in deciding the venue and other things, but if you want a unique celebration, you should have your wedding on a boat. Because getting married on the water is fantastic! 

The idea of chartering a yacht for a wedding on a boat is extraordinary. So, set the date and have the most momentous event in your life on a yacht! 

Boat Rentals for Your Wedding Reception

There are different types of wedding boat rentals, and you can choose between a yacht, a sailboat, or a catamaran, which is an excellent option for larger receptions. But, if you want a private wedding or a small group of people on board, you can choose a smaller boat. We guarantee to cater to your needs, whatever your choice is.

boat weddings


Hassle-free venue

Having your wedding onboard will lessen your worries about money and time, like transporting your guests from the ceremony to the reception. So, start your marital journey with an open-air top-deck ceremony, followed by a fantastic dinner. Pretty dreamy, right?

All-Inclusive Packages

Some companies offer all-inclusive packages with everything from an on-site wedding coordinator to the catering, decorations to the program. With this kind of packages, you can relax, knowing that everything is handled professionally.


A wedding on the boat is a cost-effective option to tie the knot. Whether you reserve a private room or charter an entire boat, many ships offer different packages options to suit your budget. And since some companies provide all-inclusive, you naturally save a lot.

Tying a knot with a View.

Tying a knot in a boat will surely give you a memorable experience.

Thanks to the scenic harbor, sunset, and skyline views. Indeed, it is a visual treat. You’ll have beautiful wedding photos, and your guests will cherish that panoramic ceremony backdrop.

Vacation with friends after your boat weddings

After the wedding, you can continue the fun and vacation with your friends by booking a Playa Del Carmen boat rental and do some water activities like snorkeling, diving, and more.

Planning to have a wedding on a boat?

We will help you and take the stress out of planning your wedding with a comprehensive package. Want to know more about boat rentals?